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In the world of jewelry, Sarah Legrand is a shining example of artistic brilliance, telling stories of exceptional skill and cultural heritage. Her journey started curiously with the craft of jewelry-making, inspired by the captivating beauty of seeds and beads. After she became fully immersed in the modeling industry and found an intuitive connection with the world of aesthetics, this first spark blossomed

Her pursuit of excellence led her to the illustrious "Art and Crafts Institute" in Brussels, where she diligently honed her skills, delving into the intricate nuances of jewelry craftsmanship. It was here that the seeds of her distinctive style were sown, germinating into a fu- sion of her Rwandan roots and a diverse range of global influences that came from tribes such as the Dogon and Berbere, as well as ancient civilizations like the Incas.

At the heart of Sarah's artistic philosophy lies a profound cele- bration of individuality. Her creations transcend the conventional definition of mere accessories, becoming profound expressions of the wearer's identity. Each piece, meticulously crafted, encapsu- lates a personalized narrative, resonating with the essence of its possessor-a bespoke emblem of self-expression.

Materials serve as integral elements in Sarah's artistic palette. Brass, sil- ver, and gold entwine harmonious- ly with organic elements like horn and an eclectic array of stones, each chosen for its inherent beauty and significance.

Her mastery of the intricate lost wax technique serves as a conduit for her artistic expression, allowing her to intricately weave organic inspirations into her designs, creating textures and forms that mesmerize the be- holder.

Reflecting on her past collections, Sarah cherishes pieces like the ma- jestic Icumu, which pays homage to the Nyabinjyi cult. Symbolizing defi- ance against historical oppressions, it stands as a tribute to resilience and strength. As she embarks on a new collection, Sarah's creative gaze is fixated on the perpetual dance of life, drawing inspiration from kinetic art and visionaries like Calder. This hints at an exploration of sculptural dimensions, extending the limits of conventional jewelry into unexplored areas.
While maintaining a thread of continuity in the upcoming collection's shapes, Sarah tantalizingly con- ceals specific details, promising revelations that await. Collaborations took a backseat in this creative expedition, allowing Sarah's unadulterated vision to flourish. However, the synergy with Chris Swag- ga's photography enhances the pieces, capturing their essence in perfect alignment with Sarah's artistic vision.
Intertwined with Corie, a personal symbol synonymous with femininity and protection in African culture, the collection gains deeper layers of sig- nificance, strengthening the stories, she infuses into her creations.
According to Sarah, the ideal wearer of her creations craves uniqueness, seeking to articulate their individuality through these meticulously handcrafted pieces.
Destiny Ring Mask Ring
Challenges in birthing this collection revolved around navigating time constraints under the pressures of ongoing production. Yet, Sarah finds unparalleled fulfillment in witnessing her crea- tions adorning individuals, witnessing their vis- ceral reactions and profound connections with her artistic ability.

Peering into the future, Sarah's aspirations tran- scend the confines of jewelry. Her forthcoming project, shrouded in secrecy, stands as a testa- ment to her constant devotion to creative ex- pression. It is poised to captivate the world, ex- tending her artistic prowess beyond boundaries, hinting at forays into sculpture and unexplored creative areas
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