About Us

The Brand

K’tsobe is a brand of timeless jewellery, made of different materials like silver and brass; Also natural materials such as seeds bark of Jacaranda tree, wood…

The jewellery are inspired by Nature, symbols from Rwanda and different cultures around the world.

They are mainly handmade and some of them are made using lost wax technique. And the uniqueness about them is that they are architectural, organic and tribal.

The Founder: Sarah Legrand

After a great experience in the world of modeling, I came back to my childhood dream, my first ambition and trained in jewelry making at the "Art and Crafts Institute" in Brussels (Belgium). Through those exciting studies I created my brand "K'TSOBE", a nod to my maternal clan "ABATSOBE". The "ABATSOBE" were the guardians of the seeds and the esoteric code of Rwanda.

My sources of inspiration come from my Belgian-Rwandan cultural mix, from my sensitivity, from nature and from the symbols of the different cultures seen during my travels around the world.

By K'tsobe, my greatest desire is that these jewels follow you in your daily life. They reveal the uniqueness and emotions of the person who wears them, they are an expression of your personality.